What People Say

Can you afford to take the time for such training? Can/should a colleague join you? In this video, Michael Stricklen and Steve Brudz, senior consultants at Cyrus Innovation, answer both questions:


“The Influential Agile Leader workshop helped me develop strategies to be more convincing in and out of the workplace. It opens the door to a series of secrets that help you deal with/drive change. A must!”

Meriem Debbabi, Programme Manager at Vungle, UK


“The Influential Agile Leader is like no seminar that I have attended. It’s a collection of discussions and exercises that can help you become a more effective leader (Agile or otherwise). There are no slide decks or sleep-inducing lectures — it’s hands-on and interactive. I found it challenged me, and allowed me to explore some Agile issues concretely.”

Tom Golden, Owner and CTO, TruCode


Do you already had deep knowledge and experience with Agile project delivery and organizational change? So did Russell Murray when he came to our May 2014 session in Edinburgh, Scotland, Here is why he loved it:


“Having a primarily technical background, Gil and Johanna’s training course was great for strengthening my leadership and self-reflection skills. It’s been over two months since I attended, and I still find myself using my newly acquired techniques and concepts, and probably for many years to come. Things I’ve passed along to my colleagues were well adopted and understood, and I often even see people coaching each other. I would highly recommend this course not only for people new to Agile but also for people looking to reinforce their agile skills.”

John Cartwright, Software architect, Toronto


If your organization is large, or you want to bring agile to non-software parts of it, you might have the same experience as Gez Smith, who attended our London event in 2015: