The Influential Agile Leader: Make the Agile Promise Happen


Does Your Agile Transformation Need a Boost?

Your organization wants to be more agile for better outcomes, but the transformation is progressing slowly, haphazardly, or not at all.

Whether you are a transformation coach, agile practice lead, leader of a successful agile team/program, or passionate agilist you’re part of making the agile transformation a success.

We can help you help your organization. Spend two days in our Influential Agile Leader workshop, and you will:

  • Discover fresh ways to see your organization’s problems as they relate to agile.
  • Learn what’s needed to address those problems.
  • Grow your abilities to influence others in your organization to get the transformation on track.

We run this workshop only once a year. Register now so you don’t miss it.

The 2020 session of the Influential Agile Leader workshop will take place on May 6-7 in the Boston area. Each day runs from 9am-5pm. We’ll select the venue shortly.

What You’ll Learn

Here is our high-level agenda. For full session descriptions, click here

Full-Group Sessions
You’ll spend two-thirds of the time in full-group sessions, working in small groups or individually. You will learn — by doing — how to:

  • see the big picture of your agile journey
  • produce an organizational map that reveals allies, key people to influence, and relationships that affect the journey
  • make transformation real by aligning tactics and mindset
  • influence other people in a congruent way

This workshop draws many like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Expect to learn and to share, to coach and be coached.

Your Choice of Specialized Sessions on Day 1
After the all-group sessions, we break into parallel specialized sessions, roughly an hour each. Choose one:

  • Seeing and managing your real-world constraints (Johanna)
  • Making agile teamwork possible (Gil)

After a short break, you have your choice of these two sessions, roughly an hour each:

  • Being agile by ruthlessly selecting work to do and not do (Johanna)
  • Managing the frustration of leading change (Gil)

If you want to switch session mid-way, that’s fine.

Your Choice of Specialized Sessions for Day 2
After lunch, we break into two parallel specialized sessions, roughly an hour each:

  • Maximize your value while staying sane (Johanna)
  • How to talk about change, what to change so others talk (Gil)

After a short break, you have your choice of these two sessions:

  • How to think about “Big Agile” (scaling might not be the solution!) (Johanna)
  • Achieving your vision of yourself (Gil)

As on day 1, you can freely move between sessions.

Testimonials from Previous Participants

“The Influential Agile Leader is like no seminar that I have attended. It’s a collection of discussions and exercises that can help you become a more effective leader (Agile or otherwise). There are no slide decks or sleep-inducing lectures — it’s hands-on and interactive. I found it challenged me, and allowed me to explore some Agile issues concretely.”
Tom Golden

Owner and CTO, TruCode

Do you already had deep knowledge and experience with Agile project delivery and organizational change? So did Russell Murray when he came to our May 2014 session in Edinburgh, Scotland, Here is why he loved it:


“The Influential Agile Leader workshop helped me develop strategies to be more convincing in and out of the workplace. It opens the door to a series of secrets that help you deal with/drive change. A must!”
Meriem Debbabi

Programme Manager, Vungle, UK

“Having a primarily technical background, Gil and Johanna’s training course was great for strengthening my leadership and self-reflection skills. It’s been over two months since I attended, and I still find myself using my newly acquired techniques and concepts, and probably for many years to come. Things I’ve passed along to my colleagues were well adopted and understood, and I often even see people coaching each other. I would highly recommend this course not only for people new to Agile but also for people looking to reinforce their agile skills.”
John Cartwright

Software architect, Toronto

“I feel that you and Johanna do such a fantastic job of creating space for people to get deeply inside their mindset and assumptions and anxieties, to bring all of that into awareness alongside the skills and intentions of creating really lasting and meaningful change. I teach and coach to things that I understand in large part thanks to how you have coached and shared your understanding and experience. Working with you and the people who are drawn to your session helps me bring the best of myself to the people I support. I know that even though I’ve grown and deepened my understanding of coaching and enabling people, that spending this time with this kind of community (again!) will help me grow tremendously.”

Craig Dial

ScrumMaster Sensei, cPanel, Texas

Can you afford to take the time for this workshop? Can/should colleagues join you? Michael Stricklen and Steve Brudz, senior consultants at Cyrus Innovation, answer both questions:


If your organization is large, or you want to bring agile to non-software parts of it, you might have the same experience as Gez Smith, who attended our London event in 2015:


About Us

What you’re seeing here is the result of 100% collaboration. We have pair-developed and pair-taught this workshop since 2013, and we’re convinced that the result is much better than if we’d developed it individually. (Between us, we have more than 30 years of designing and leading experiential workshops.) Yet, we’re not clones; ask us questions during the workshop, and you’re likely to receive two somewhat different perspectives.

You get depth: We’ve both been technical contributors as developers and testers. We’ve both been managers at various levels. We’ve both introduced and facilitated change from the technical and management perspectives. We’re both students and teachers of human systems and organizational behavior.

Gil Broza

Gil can help you increase organizational agility and team performance with minimal risk and thrashing. Dozens of companies seeking transformations, makeovers, or improvements have relied on his pragmatic, modern, and respectful support for customizing Agile in their contexts. These days, several of the world’s largest organizations are having him train hundreds of their managers in technology and business (up to VP level) on practical Agile leadership. He is the author of two acclaimed books, The Human Side of Agile and The Agile Mind-Set.

Johanna Rothman

Johanna is known as the “Pragmatic Manager” because of her practical approach to projects and management. Johanna consults and coaches leaders from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She works with you, to start from where you are now, continuing to build on your business needs and desired results.

She’s written 14 books, hundreds of articles and too-many-to-count blog posts. Her most recent agile books are Create Your Successful Agile ProjectManage Your Project Portfolio,2nd ed, and Agile and Lean Program Management.

A conversation about agile transformations

On October 17, 2018, about 100 people joined us for an online conversation. We shared what we’ve found to help or hinder agile transformations, answered many questions about successful transformations, and explained how The Influential Agile Leader workshop puts folks on a path to more effective leadership.

Here is the video of that conversation. The only visual element there is of us talking, so if you prefer the audio-only version, you may use our audio player (scroll just past the video) or right-click here to download it.

Register now for May 6-7, 2020 in the Boston area. (Registration is now closed.)

For greater traction with your agile transformation, we recommend you bring a like-minded colleague. Most attendees come in groups of two, three, or four, and they do experience a compounding effect. A couple of notes about that:

  • We limit each organization to four attendees. If you want more people, contact us.
  • If your group includes three or four people, we are happy to extend you a 10% discount for all of the people.

You may register in one of two ways:

  • By invoice: use the contact form at the bottom of the page to ask us for one. We will reserve your space immediately.
  • By credit card:  Johanna will charge your credit card via Stripe (a secure transaction).

Pricing structure:

  • Register by Dec 31, 2019: US $1,000 (and you get an hour of coaching with either Johanna or Gil. Your choice.)
  • Register by Feb 29, 2020: US $1,200
  • Register before March 31, 2020: $1,400
  • Register in April or if we have room still in May, 2020: $1,600

Registration is closed.

Cancellation policy:

We understand that things happen. You can always send a substitute. If you need to cancel, we will return 80% of your fee until 4 weeks prior to the workshop start. If you cancel after that, your fee is not refundable.